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We assist students from abroad who wish to study in Malaysia in their selection of college, in following up on the application process and to provide information and assistance in visa application and accomodation.

Malaysia is rapidly becoming a major destination for international students as it provides a safe environment, world class educational facilities and English language instruction, at very competitive rates. We assist international students who wants to study in malaysia by providing information on colleges and universities that offer the course of their choice. We cover education courses at all tertiary levels:

  • Pre-university courses – foundation, A-levels or diploma
  • Undergraduate programs – Malaysian programs & foreign degree programs from UK, Australia, Canada and America Degree Program
  • Postgraduate Programs – Masters and Phds programs

There are hundreds of colleges and universities in Malaysia, some in the capital city of Kuala Lumpur while others are located in other states all across the country. They offer a comprehensive range of courses and programmes catering to the diverse interests of students and the growing needs of the marketplace. With so many options available for students nowadays, students may feel overwhelmed by the choices of universities or colleges.

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