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Masters Degree

Posted on | March 10, 2011 | Comments Off on Masters Degree

A master’s degree is an academic degree granted to individuals who want to have a professional specific field of study or practices. Studying master degree, graduates are led to possess an advanced knowledge of a specialized body of theoretical and applied topics in terms of acquiring a higher order of skills in analysis, critical evaluation and ability to solve complex problems.

There are mainly two kinds of masters, the first is designed particularly to equip students with required skill set and the second type is to train administrative heads in certain organization. Full time post-graduate master’s degree is designed for anyone who holds a bachelor’s degree. Executive master’s degree is a master’s degree designed specially for executive professionals. Usually for an executive master’s degree entry requirement may include some years of related working experience.

Why study Master degree?

Moving Ahead

Some acquire master’s degrees to advance in their fields of studies after obtaining a bachelor degree and some seek master’s degree to earn raises in salary. A master’s degree is very valuable in the job market as holders of the degree can command better pay and is expected to be promoted faster. 

In terms of career advancement, there are many opportunities for someone who has earned a master’s degree. There are some area which is needed to expertise are veterinary science, mental health counseling, physical therapy, family therapy, medical assistance, environmental science, and continuing education. Careers like these all require a master’s degree, which is well worth pursuing if you are interested in moving ahead with your career.

Changing Career

Others seek master’s degrees to change career fields. For example an engineer may take up a MBA to gain knowledge about managing a company and change career upon completion of the course.

Studying Master Degree in Malaysia

Malaysia education level is very advance. There are many international students currently studying master courses at Malaysian institutions of higher learning. There are many different types of reputable and accreditated Masters Degree offered by colleges and universities in Malaysia. Some of these colleges are offering Masters programs from foreign universities such as those from Australia, UK or from European countries.

List of Master degree available in Malaysia.
Master in Nursing
Master of Project Management
Master of Business Administration
Master of Management
Master of Human Resource
Master of Science (Business Administration)
Master of English studies
Master of Education
Master of Environmental Science Management

Other reasons for studying Masters Courses in Malaysia:

  • Low fees and cost of living means that international students save a lot of money
  • Malaysia is a multi-racial country and the experience you get when studying here is priceless
  • English is widely spoken here and is the main medium of instructions.


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