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Posted on | March 10, 2011 | Comments Off on A-Levels

The Advanced Level General Certificate of Education (commonly known as the A-level) is used as a grading and course structure in academia in Malaysia and some other countries such as United Kingdom. A levels are usually studied over a one and a half year period and are widely recognised by most universities around the world.

What is the advantage of taking A-levels?
A level is one of the main routes into higher education as most of the higher institution requires minimum level of A level holders before they are able to pursue a bachelor degree in any courses. Comparing to other pre-U education such as foundation, certificate and STPM, A levels graduates have higher advantage in terms of being accepted in various private universities. Although students with A levels have better career prospects compared to other pre-U holders but it is advisable that student may continue to further their studies to bachelor degree in order to have promising career in the future.

Subjects in A-levels
The minimum of subjects to be taken in the A-level is three and the maximum is four subjects. Subjects offered at different colleges vary from one another, so students are advised to check out a few colleges before enrolling.  Some are the basic subjects which are shown as below:

  • Accounting
  • General studies
  • Further mathematics
  • Art and Design
  • Graphic design
  • History
  • Information and Communications
  • Physics
  • Chinese studies
  • Human Biology

Enrolment requirement for A-levels

SPM with 5 credits which include English, Mathematics/Science and a pass in Bahasa Melayu or GCSE ‘O’-level or equivalent is accepted. Some colleges or universities acquire their own requirement, thus it is advisable to look into the institution before registration.


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